An Ode to Silicon Valley

Rishi Singhal
1 min readMar 6, 2021


Glossy glass surfaces encased in thin rectangular metal;
with unrestricted access of communication enticed me.
The black mirror’s unknown depth unsettled my sanity
and manipulation camouflaged in choice distorted reality.

I bought your telescreens that travelled across oceans
and to build these machines you used the sweat of millions.
I used your contraption to woo the hearts of stalking strangers
but my friends and family haven’t seen me smile in ages.

The software corrupted my own ancient programming;
rendered sleepless from projected mesmerizing patterns.
I gave you power to hitch a ride up my nervous system
without guidance and overuse I bled tears into nights.

You used my own data against me for personalized ads;
drowned me in notifications & hurt real conversations.
All this for ridiculous profit margins at fractional costs,
the bourgeoisie celebrated your staggering success.

In your screens I forgot about the stars and my insignificance;
I resorted to view the greenery of the forests digitally rendered.
I got deviated from what was I supposed to prioritize,
Maybe I was to be a human in search of truths unimaginable.

Your hypnotic levels of product design via closed ecosystems,
spawned greed which landed me into endless cycle of debt.
When that wasn’t enough you crafted nefarious narratives;
like hooking in fish on a line you promised instant gratification.

I bought your gadgets to fill up my life with fleeting pleasures,
but seeking the shorter path to happiness drilled me hollow.
A yearning desire to prove my worth manifested aspirations;
in a manufactured society designed by Apple Inc. California



Rishi Singhal

Forever Curious, On a Quest